Builder Program

The “Smart-Ready” Builder Program from The Smart Home Experience

After decades as the largest independent appliance dealer in Oklahoma, Lee Sherman is pleased to announce his newest venture:

  • Smart “Enabled” Homes Provide you with a competitive edge.
  • Take advantage of the 40% of new home buyers who want “Smart Systems”, not a bunch of “Do-it-Yourself” Pieces.
  • The Smart Home Builder Program from The Smart Home Experience provides you with an additional profit opportunity
  • Don’t waste money on every home. Focus on only the right homes.
  • Make all your homes “Smart Home Ready” without spending on systems until you know which 40% want the “Smart” version.

Wireless Connection

Better Security with a Dedicated Connection.

Control Lighting

Remotely adjust lights and set schedules.

Access Control2

Control who has acces to your property and when.

Smart Schedules

Specialized software can learn patterns and optimize a schedule.

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