Smart Home – Defined

What is a truly “Smart-Home”?

A Complete “integrated” System where all devices use information from other devices across all wireless and wired systems (cameras, security, access- doors, access garage doors, thermostats, lighting, irrigation, environment, home safety, etc.) to make the home as safe and convenient as possible.

This is distinctly different from the confusing wave of Do It Yourself (DIY) products offered on the internet and in retail stores that are unlikely to provide a satisfactory result.

Smart Home systems are usually professionally installed by licensed, insured, and experience dealers. These systems frequently provide:

  • State of The Art Security and Monitoring Systems which includes monitoring for existing smoke detectors, Glass Break, Motion, Door and Window Sensors
  • Indoor and Outdoor Video Monitoring with Notifications
  • Lock and Unlock Doors
  • Control and Adjust Thermostat Settings
  • Control and Adjust Indoor and Outdoor Lighting
  • Monitor and Control Garage Doors
  • Automatic Leak Detection Sensors with optional Water Shut off
  • Irrigation Controls and Shut Off Sensors
All These Systems, and More, are Monitored and Controlled and by a Single App on Your Phone.

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