Hardware & Panel

We offer the latest and most advanced security and home management solution in the industry. Qolsys introduces IQ Panel 2, with an elegant 7” HD touchscreen with built-in 5MP camera and multiple wireless radios in a clean, elegant, modern user interface. The IQ Panel 2 keeps you connected to an entire ecosystem of smart devices giving you control over your entire home. Exciting new features like touchless disarming using Bluetooth and a built in glass break detector are enabled through powerful software that improves over time through regular software updates.

Key Benefits

  • Color Touch Screen Display
  • Fully Self Contained
  • Built in Panel Glass Break
  • Two-way Voice Over Cellular
  • Over-the-air Update Functionality
  • Built-in Z-Wave Home Control
  • Customer Messaging Capable
  • 48 Wireless Zones
  • Up to 5 Image Sensors
  • Weather Information Display
  • Built In Backup Battery
  • Over 200 Usercodes
  • Bluetooth touchless disarming

Panel Camera

Every IQ 2 Panel includes a built-in camera which captures disarm photos along with the date, time and who disarmed the Panel, and sends them directly to your smartphone.

LTE (Cellular) Radio

The IQ Panel 2 includes LTE communication for faster speeds and future-proof connectivity. We combine this with Wi-Fi for amazing dual-path connectivity.

Blue Tooth Disarming

Every IQ Panel 2 includes a bluetooth radio that allows you to pair up to five smart phones or tablets for Bluetooth Touchless Disarming.

Z-Wave Plus

You can now control lighting, HVAC, and other Z-Wave appliances in the home right from the panel, web-enabled phone, or the internet. Every IQ Panel 2 includes Z-Wave Plus, a special technology that allows you to use up to 128 smart home devices like lights, locks, thermostats, garage openers, and more.

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