Builder Initiative Steps

How Does the “Smart Home” Builder Program Work?

Choose and install compatible versions of the devices that you already install:

  • Thermostats
  • Garage door motors
  • Any smoke detector that meets code
  • Enhanced deadbolt door lock
  • Skybell Video Doorbell
  • Outlet(s) in the attic or eve for possible camera power

The Smart Home Experience (TSHE) will provide a display of products, in your design centers or in selected model homes, for your customers to choose from. To simply this process, your customers will choose from one of the home automation packages.

Once your customer has made their package selection and has committed to a 3-year monitoring contract, TSHE will install the selected smart home package. TSHE will then provide the builder with the monitoring contract to be executed by your customer after closing.

If the new homeowner selects a package, they have the option of immediate (before closing) activation and monitoring for the same monthly fee. Available after appliance delivery, the home can be protected when it is most vulnerable.

You will add the smart home package price to your home sales price, and TSHE will bill you for the selected package price, less the applicable package bonus

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